Thursday, August 28, 2008

Truly Effective Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business

The industry of online marketing is quite massive and at times intimidating. This is especially true for people who were in my situation not too long ago. I was new to the industry and the amount of information that I tried to digest was too much to handle.

There are many sites that actually offer some time type of marketing service but their ways of marketing aren’t geared to help the people who just started out. I had to dig deep in the internet to find truly effective and cheap internet marketing strategies.

I was able to find a couple of strategies that are truly effective when done correctly.

Writing articles is probably one of the most effective ways to advertise your business and brand yourself to a targeted audience. Proper article writing can rank your website very high and bring in an endless amount of traffic. When search engines rank your articles it looks for detailed content and links back to your website.

Articles are extremely effective because they can give you short and long term benefits for your business. The short term benefit is that it creates traffic immediately and the search engines begin ranking the articles as soon as you post them. The long term benefits are actually long the same lines, once you post your articles it’ll be on the internet virtually forever. Imagine if someone comes across your article a few months or even years after you’ve posted it, you’ll create traffic to your site from that one article.

Video marketing is another great way to promote your business, and most importantly, brand yourself. It gives you the chance to sit down in front of a camera and really express the emotion that words can’t. When people want to take advantage of a business opportunity they join the individual not the opportunity, so getting in front of the camera gives people a chance to see who YOU are. Many people in the industry you video marketing exclusively and they’ve become very successful with it. Even though it doesn’t sound like much if you creating one to two videos a day will give you 30 to 60 videos a month, and that’ll create MASSIVE traffic.

So what do you do with your videos once you’re created them?

Believe it or not there are more video websites that YouTube, there are many programs that upload your videos to multiple networks. If you take advantage of those sites, you can expose your videos to a larger audience and cut down on the time it takes to individually upload your videos. This type of marketing can really launch your business to new heights, believe me if you start doing the amount of leads will increase on a daily basis.

Those are two of the most effective strategies ways to market and the best thing about them is that they’re absolutely free. Diversifying your marketing techniques is crucial and the fact that these techniques are free makes them even more effective. These are two of the ways I was able to start to figure out the massive world of online marketing, implement these techniques and your business will grow to new heights.

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