Friday, August 29, 2008

Lives Are Changing With Cash Gifting

Cash gifting has changed many people’s lives in a multitude of ways. Obviously the number one reason cash gifting is changing lives is because gifting provides people with another income. Cash gifting is a great opportunity for people who want to work for themselves and make a life changing amount of money.

Cash gifting allows to you to benefit from the people who join your team, and at the same time you can provide your team members with a great deal of training and support so they can create freedom for themselves.

The main benefit to joining a cash gifting program is to ultimately create immeasurable freedom. Here is what I mean by immeasurable freedom, what if you didn’t have to work at an office all day? Most people strive to achieve this level of freedom and they try to find different ways to support their lifestyle.

MLM programs are another way people have earned money in the past, they work for some people and for others it only creates disappointment. When people feel they’ve been lied to because the MLM program they joined isn’t creating the income it promised on the sign up page most people just quit and go back to “real” life. If you put the right amount of effort into your cash gifting program, the money will literally begin to come to your doorstep.

Another very important benefit to cash gifting is that people are able to spend more time with their family and enjoy that part of their life. Family life is one of the most important things in the world yet with our fast-paced lifestyle it’s the first thing to suffer due to a busy schedule. Being apart of your children’s life as they grow up is something you can’t put a price on. Cash gifting will give you all of these opportunities, IF you treat cash gifting like you would a franchise.

The combination of making a great deal of money and being able to increase time with your family is the reason why cash gifting is extremely popular. Surrounding yourself with the right mentors and team is very important to your success. If you treat cash gifting like a business and you join the right team of mentors who will train you on the important techniques of internet marketing, you can create freedom for yourself and your family.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why do over 95% of Internet Marketers Fail?

How many hours do we have in a day, I know, it’s a crazy question but I’m going to tell you the answer anyway, 24. Most of us have our time divided amongst our everyday responsibilities between work and family. When people join home based businesses most of them only see the caption saying, “I make $30,000 a month.” This is definitely possible but most people think they can sign up for an online business and the money will start rolling in without any effort. If you take two to three hours of your 24 hour day to stick with your commitment towards your online business, you would see a dramatic change in the amount of leads you have. When you generate more leads you ultimately generate more money for your bank account.

When you decide to commit to an online business you should treat it that way. An example that I’ve heard through my research in internet marketing is if you were to buy a franchise like McDonald’s would you quit after a week of not generating any money? Just like an actual franchise, you have to invest time and effort into your online business. Like I said earlier most people read the title of a capture page claiming that you can make $30,000 a month and expect that to happen like magic. When you see those opportunities you have two choices you can either run, not walk, in the other direction or realize that making that much money takes a lot of work and you have to be willing to take your business seriously.

It’s important to put in the necessary amount of work to be successful, but that’s not all you need to grow your business. It’s vital to have the right attitude when it comes to your business, you want to keep a positive attitude because if you don’t, you’ll end up quitting. This is the number one reason why people quit so early, they don’t see the results they’re promised, they get down on themselves and ultimately give up. When you get in situation where things aren’t moving take a deep breath, do some research on your marketing program, rethink your game plan and take action.

Having your 9-5 doesn’t mean that you can’t put two to three hours into your online business. If you can’t find the time to put three hours a day into your online business, that could be the difference between a growing or stale bank account. The more action you take, the more emails you write, videos you post, blogs you write and articles you write the more leads you have and your business will grow accordingly. This sounds easy and I know it can be frustrating but if you don’t put in the work I can guarantee you that your business will not grow.

Well there you have it, again I know it’s easier said than done because we all have things that we have to do. But if you want your business to grow you have to manage the 24 hours you start your day with. When you’re able to utilize your time by taking care of your other obligations and putting in at least two hours into your online business you’re going to see an increase in the areas that matter, leads and your bank account. If you think about it three hours isn’t much to ask for when it can potentially create freedom for you and your family, you just have to utilize your time the right way.

Truly Effective Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business

The industry of online marketing is quite massive and at times intimidating. This is especially true for people who were in my situation not too long ago. I was new to the industry and the amount of information that I tried to digest was too much to handle.

There are many sites that actually offer some time type of marketing service but their ways of marketing aren’t geared to help the people who just started out. I had to dig deep in the internet to find truly effective and cheap internet marketing strategies.

I was able to find a couple of strategies that are truly effective when done correctly.

Writing articles is probably one of the most effective ways to advertise your business and brand yourself to a targeted audience. Proper article writing can rank your website very high and bring in an endless amount of traffic. When search engines rank your articles it looks for detailed content and links back to your website.

Articles are extremely effective because they can give you short and long term benefits for your business. The short term benefit is that it creates traffic immediately and the search engines begin ranking the articles as soon as you post them. The long term benefits are actually long the same lines, once you post your articles it’ll be on the internet virtually forever. Imagine if someone comes across your article a few months or even years after you’ve posted it, you’ll create traffic to your site from that one article.

Video marketing is another great way to promote your business, and most importantly, brand yourself. It gives you the chance to sit down in front of a camera and really express the emotion that words can’t. When people want to take advantage of a business opportunity they join the individual not the opportunity, so getting in front of the camera gives people a chance to see who YOU are. Many people in the industry you video marketing exclusively and they’ve become very successful with it. Even though it doesn’t sound like much if you creating one to two videos a day will give you 30 to 60 videos a month, and that’ll create MASSIVE traffic.

So what do you do with your videos once you’re created them?

Believe it or not there are more video websites that YouTube, there are many programs that upload your videos to multiple networks. If you take advantage of those sites, you can expose your videos to a larger audience and cut down on the time it takes to individually upload your videos. This type of marketing can really launch your business to new heights, believe me if you start doing the amount of leads will increase on a daily basis.

Those are two of the most effective strategies ways to market and the best thing about them is that they’re absolutely free. Diversifying your marketing techniques is crucial and the fact that these techniques are free makes them even more effective. These are two of the ways I was able to start to figure out the massive world of online marketing, implement these techniques and your business will grow to new heights.

The Review on Cash Gifting The Activity…Not The Business

There is a reason why cash gifting has sparked the interest of many people looking to start a home based business or people who are already in a home based business. The fact that cash gifting means simplicity and there is no product to get involved with.

Now I want to clear up any confusion, this is an activity not a business. A business would have something to sell, a product or service that is provided for money. Many people confuse cash gifting with being a business, but that is not what it is, it is an activity.

The end result of building a business and working on a home based business are completely different. If you are building a business your ultimate goal is to make enough money to make a living (pay your bills). People who are involved in home based businesses are there because they are looking to earn a little extra money, to make life in our current economy easier.

That brings us to what you are really reading this article for, you want to know about cash gifting. Cash Gifting is one of the hottest opportunities of 2008 and the amount of people getting involved is increasing everyday. People come from other home based business opportunities just to join the cash gifting craze. People have joined cash gifting because of the other opportunities out there are based on the top earners in that business, like selling ebooks, for example.

Cash gifting isn’t about a top income earner and it isn’t about a bunch of hype. If this is your first opportunity to check cash gifting, check out youtube, there are people who post videos daily about their almost immediate success with cash gifting.

All of this must sound too good to be true and I want to tell you that it does work but you have to make sure that you team up with the right people so that you can utilize the resources that have made them successful. This activity sounds like it’s illegal, I know I was in the same position you were before, but it’s COMPLETELY legitimate.

Here’s what makes it legitimate, you’re allowed to receive eleven grand per person because this amount is considered a gift. I do have some advice and that is to claim your earnings so that you can save yourself the trouble of providing proof that it was a gift, if you were to be audited.

When you first sign up with a gifting program you have to sign a contract and it’s your responsibility to understand the guidelines and policies for this activity. These contracts are very clear in their literature so make sure that you thoroughly read about this activity in the contract.

Gifting has taken people like me, who had no internet experience, and it’s changed my life. It’s doing the same thing for people across the nation, and you can be one of those people.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abundant Living System - Using Attraction Marketing to Attract Leads To You

For anyone who’s involved in MLM programs they know how important marketing is to their success, but most people don’t actually know how to market successfully.

Most people spend too much money and time on marketing techniques that don’t work. When they start losing more money than they actually making they get discouraged and quit. People who are successful take a situation like this and start to look for a solution to the problem; the solution in this case is attraction marketing.

What’s attraction marketing? It’s exactly what it sounds like, people chase you rather than you chasing them. Building a your business is much easier and much more effective when you implement attraction marketing. We are in a new school of marketing where you don’t have to hunt your family and friends down to join a business that they’re more than likely not interested in.

Attraction marketing will help build your network and attract leads that have the same goals that you do. When you try to convince your family and friends to join you, they’re not really a market of people who are looking to join a business. With attraction marketing people come to you because they’re looking for the opportunity you’re presenting them with.

You have to provide your audience with highly relevant and valuable information. When you provide valuable information you present yourself as a leader.

Attraction marketing can completely change your network of people. With the old school way of marketing you may be able to convert 20 percent of your leads, but with attraction marketing you can have consistently convert up to 80 percent of your leads.

There’s a reason for the drastic percentage of leads that will join you, it’s because they’re already interested in your business. Attraction marketing means you’re not wasting your time with people who aren’t interested in what you have to say. Building your network is much easier this way, because you’re interested prospects come to you.

Giving your prospects a way to contact you whenever they’re ready is a critical part of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing allows you to talk to prospects who are ready to take the next step with you because they’re already aware of your business opportunity.

Being successful in article marketing means you have to become accustomed to using some of the new school marketing techniques.

The first step to attraction marketing is learning about the tools that you have available to you on the Internet. This is an essential component to learning how to successfully promote your business and increase your number of leads. Your time is very important so knowing what strategies work and knowing which strategies don’t work is vital. So, doing your research and figuring out which strategies work will really decrease the amount of time it takes to increase your leads.

A great way to present the valuable and interesting information about your business is to setup a blog. This will help you build your network of people and increase your amount of leads. Although this is a way of targeting a specific audience, it may take more than one visit for some people to make a decision.

You have to position yourself as a leader in this industry and one of the most effective ways of doing that is advertising your website site as much as possible. The more people view your website the more you’ll be viewed as a leader in the industry. Using articles is a great way to get your face out there, if you write well-written articles with targeted keywords you’ll find yourself at the top of Google’s search engine in no time. The point is to have people come to you and in order for that to happen you have to have your face out there as much as possible.

Proving valuable information to your prospects and leads is what attraction marketing is all about. The more valuable and helpful your information is the more likely your prospects and leads will join your business. This isn’t an overnight but mixing in some hard work, determination and attraction marketing you will begin to build your very own network.