Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Review on Cash Gifting The Activity…Not The Business

There is a reason why cash gifting has sparked the interest of many people looking to start a home based business or people who are already in a home based business. The fact that cash gifting means simplicity and there is no product to get involved with.

Now I want to clear up any confusion, this is an activity not a business. A business would have something to sell, a product or service that is provided for money. Many people confuse cash gifting with being a business, but that is not what it is, it is an activity.

The end result of building a business and working on a home based business are completely different. If you are building a business your ultimate goal is to make enough money to make a living (pay your bills). People who are involved in home based businesses are there because they are looking to earn a little extra money, to make life in our current economy easier.

That brings us to what you are really reading this article for, you want to know about cash gifting. Cash Gifting is one of the hottest opportunities of 2008 and the amount of people getting involved is increasing everyday. People come from other home based business opportunities just to join the cash gifting craze. People have joined cash gifting because of the other opportunities out there are based on the top earners in that business, like selling ebooks, for example.

Cash gifting isn’t about a top income earner and it isn’t about a bunch of hype. If this is your first opportunity to check cash gifting, check out youtube, there are people who post videos daily about their almost immediate success with cash gifting.

All of this must sound too good to be true and I want to tell you that it does work but you have to make sure that you team up with the right people so that you can utilize the resources that have made them successful. This activity sounds like it’s illegal, I know I was in the same position you were before, but it’s COMPLETELY legitimate.

Here’s what makes it legitimate, you’re allowed to receive eleven grand per person because this amount is considered a gift. I do have some advice and that is to claim your earnings so that you can save yourself the trouble of providing proof that it was a gift, if you were to be audited.

When you first sign up with a gifting program you have to sign a contract and it’s your responsibility to understand the guidelines and policies for this activity. These contracts are very clear in their literature so make sure that you thoroughly read about this activity in the contract.

Gifting has taken people like me, who had no internet experience, and it’s changed my life. It’s doing the same thing for people across the nation, and you can be one of those people.

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